Financial Services

Whether it’s keeping pace with today’s digital transformation and cross-channel customer experience demands, improving operational efficiency, or dealing with the complexities of regulatory reform, we’re helping our clients to redefine the future of financial services for their customers. We help in cultivating and maintaining a company culture focused on stakeholders’ experiences, be they customers, employees, business partners, or even regulatory agencies.


The customer experience is increasingly becoming Omni-channel as customer interactions integrate physical, online, and mobile digital touch points throughout the purchasing journey.

To keep pace with the changing behavior of consumers and the increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving market, Teqfocus helps Communications companies to rethink and realign their business models and implement technologies to maximize new opportunities while maintaining cost efficiencies and preventing customer churn.

Teqfocus helps in creating the frontend applications more agile, flexible and easily modified and also helps in leveraging advanced analytics to uncover the data insights for the visibility of –

  • Determining who the potential customers are
  • Refine the marketing approach
  • Identify upsell and cross channel offers
  • Convert prospects into customer
  • Connect customers to more personalized journeys


Alive Tech helps in creating online and edutech programs not only have been found to provide a better environment, a greater sense of outlook that allows them to better link with students, they also frequently offer a more interesting and involving way to spread information.

Digital Learning Services, provided by Alive Tech have been found to offer an unprecedented ability to provide educational experiences that are tailor-made for each student. Thus, by embracing digital devices and connected learning, classrooms around the country and around the globe can not only connect to one another to share insights but also boost learning, customer experience and communications skills.


We Alive Tech provides 360 degree platform for the companies who serve the FMCG products with the help of our creative team of designs and Branding. We serve the organisation with manufacturing, packaging, store Branding, exhibitions. and creative artworks.

Today’s retailers need to transform their IT capabilities for a number of reasons. These include:

  • To improve company’s ability to respond to rapidly changing digital advances through enhanced fallibility and speed.
  • To operate effectively, retailers need to have one system working across stores (sometimes across national borders) to ensure the most effective use of stock and to support optimized business processes.
  • To aggregate and analyze customer data to enhance differentiation.
  • Need for greater transparency between systems and better tracking to integrate systems from manufacturers through to consumers to obtain customer and sales information
  • Information overload is a challenge for retailers because they need to collect and shift through data to convert it into useful information.